Wednesday, March 10, 2010


this is part of a piece in which these videos are projected on a wall side by side. i grasp two threads connected to the threads on the videos and pull. the videos are videos my brother took of my parents. i wanted to play with time differences and have simultaneous action occur from across distance and time. this is one of several pieces i've done with thread.



this was the beginning of a piece. i was to tie a thread to the end of a paper airplane and throw it from my dorm's balcony to the ground and run up the stairs with the plane to throw it down again until the thread was as long as a certain distance. this was never finished. it would have taken 443 days.

there is an obvious theme of distance in most of the work i feel most connected to. i don't like this theme as it feels i am never in the here. this split, being there when here, is uncomfortable.

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